Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why did we even go shopping?

Eric and I went out into the Christmas crowds yesterday to get 99% of our Christmas shopping done. I am sick, but I drugged up and headed out. It needed to get done. All that is left is for the boys to get something for their dad and stocking stuffers. Those gifts will be bought on Monday and Tuesday. Eric took the boys this morning to buy stuff for me.

Each year I think, "This is the year we'll scale back. Three presents from us. Three presents from Santa. We'll save money. We'll focus on being spiritual. We'll save money. We'll have less to wrap. We'll save money."

And then I get in the stores. And I want to buy EVERYTHING for my adorable children who deserve none of it. I block aisles as I force Eric to count up the gifts with me, making sure each kid as an equal number. I designate Santa vs. Us gifts. I second guess. I put stuff back on the shelf. I put it back in the cart. Many times.

We came home with a trunk full of Christmas goodness. We are blessed to be able to spend money on our kids. I am excited for them to open stuff on Christmas morning. I really think we picked out things they'll like and actually play with for more then four minutes.

And now I sit here watching my children playing together on the family room floor. They are sitting approximately six feet apart. Each child has one of my Uggs boots in front of him. And they are taking turns throwing a small ball at each other trying to land it in the opposite boot. When the ball goes in the boot, much cheering and fist pumping ensues. When they miss, there are groans and "Aw dang it's."

This game has been going on for over 20 minutes. So I ask myself, why did we spend any money on Christmas presents? Why did I go out with sickness to dirty nasty crowded awful stores? Why did I obsess about choices?

My children are obviously content with their mother's boots and a 25 cent ball.

I'm taking it all back! Yeah, right.

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