Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas - One Day After

We had a great Christmas.

Take a look:

Santa came down the chimney at about 11:30. He leaves three presents...just like the three presents that Baby Jesus received. Except our kids usually don't get gold, frankincense or myrrh. Oh, and Santa doesn't wrap. He's got better things to do than deal with wrapping paper and tape.

This year Santa was practical. Hudson got a basketball, a blanket and a Cars race track/car holder thing.

Evan got a basketball, an Angry Birds pillow, and a DS game.

We bought them a variety of things from clothes to pj's to books to a few toys.

They seemed to enjoy Christmas morning:

What a mess.

Christmas Eve with my family. Christmas Day with Eric's family. Good times everywhere.

We relaxed this morning and then went to a late afternoon soccer practice for Evan. I ran laps around the soccer field. Hudson complained that no one would play with him. Eric played on Evan's DS.

We had yummy Five Guys hamburgers for dinner. Note to self: never settle again for anything less than a Five Guys or Habit hamburger. And don't forget to order Cajun Style fries. Tonight's dinner was awesome on a stick.

And finally, I can't claim to have had the utmost Christmas spirit this year, but I WON'T be taking my decorations down for at least a week. Not to get all religious, but Christmas just started! Gotta hang onto the feeling for a while longer.

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