Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review - First Six Months

2011 has been a pretty great year. There is only one year in my life that I can look back and say, "Thank goodness that year is over." That was the year my dad died and Eric got kidney cancer. So much other bad stuff happened that year as well, that I was happy to put it to rest.

For the most part, though, I can recognize that each year comes with ups and downs. This year was no exception. Good and bad. Up and down. Weak and strong. Here are some memories:


Hudson spent a good deal of time being treated for asthma.

The kids and I spent time participating in races.

We spent a lot of time as a family playing games and going on bike rides.


Evan and I had fun dressing up each day for Catholic Schools Week.

I turned 36, and my class threw me a surprise birthday party!

More bike riding. We spent a lot of time teaching the kids biking etiquette.


We went to DISNEYLAND!!!


Evan, the track star.

I actually placed in a few races this spring!

We spent a few days during Easter Vacation at Monterey. R&R...running and riding.


Eric, in red, finished his first bike event! We were so proud of him!

I completed my first half marathon. At the finish line with Sally, an awesome teacher at my school.

My mom enjoyed her retirement party.

We found a chicken living and laying eggs on our back patio.

I participated in my first bike ride. It was a memorial ride for a girl from Chowchilla who died during the California Classic when her bike crashed.


My sister got married.

One of the best family shots we've ever taken.

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