Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Not Bad

Quick story for this morning, and then this weekend I'll have photos to share from this past week.

We went out to breakfast on Sunday morning. Since Hudson is not in diapers anymore, we take him to go potty quite a bit. As soon as we got to the restaurant, I took him with me to the women's restroom. He is fascinated with the door locks. Not fun when I'm USING the restroom, and he is in there with me opening and closing the locks.

We ate our breakfast, and then Hudson decided that he needed to go potty again. This time Eric took him to the men's room. After about three minutes, Eric comes back alone. He said to me that as they were leaving the bathroom, Hudson darted away from him and was in the women's restroom...alone!

I jumped up and ran to go get him. I walked in the bathroom, and all was quiet, but I could see him in one of the LOCKED stalls.

I said in my sternest voice, "You open this door!"


Nasty words raced through my mind, but I just yelled at him to open the door again.

He did unlock the stall this time and said, "Sowwy Mommy." I opened the door to find him sitting on the toilet pooping! Oh my gosh! He locks himself in a stall and USES it properly! I wiped his butt, and off we went.

Once we got outside we told Hudson that it was bad for him to run away from Daddy like that. He pipes up from the backseat and said, "I not bad. I said sowwy Mommy. I not bad."

And I have a feeling that he truly believes his misdeed was canceled out by his saying sorry. Little stinker. He so knows how to work us. He uses kisses, hugs, and sorry's in a very convincing and cute manner. Lord help us.

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  1. What a good little stinker! : ) I'm impressed at his potty skills! Benno is SO stinkin''s killing me! I know he could do this if he'd just stop fighting it. Even my best bribes aren't working.

    I heard someone once say that kids often are the same as teenagers as they are as if they're difficult as toddlers, watch out for those teen years! So, yeah...good luck with that little Hudson with his cute, convincing hugs, kisses & "sowwy's". Or rather, not good luck, but be wary! : ) (I'm feeling the same about Benno!)