Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

I'm linking up with Andrea today at Momfessionals to discuss the topic of Steal vs. Splurge.

Typically I am a pretty thrifty person who is uncomfortable with spending money.  However, after being married for nearly 14 years to a man who has no trouble spending large amounts of money, I've come over to his side on a few things!


There are so many areas in which I don't mind one single bit at saving money.  

Clothes - I wear clothes from Kohl's, Target, Old Navy, or any place where I can spend less than $30 for pants.  However, I did make a conscious effort to look nicer for work last year and spent a bit of money at New York and Company buying nice outfits.  But again, NY&C is not really high end.  I like their stuff and it has lasted well over a year, but I'm not breaking the bank buying a pair of pants and a blouse.

Shoes - I've got lots of shoes, and most of them are from Payless Shoe Source.  Well, my heels for work are from there.  I will spend more on good running shoes.  It's important to keep your feet happy.

Hair - I color my own hair with dye from a box.  I go to the cheap hair cutting place at the strip mall to get trims.

Groceries - Wal Mart Neighborhood Market is where it's at!  Especially with their Savings Catcher app.  I let them comparison shop for me.  We usually earn back $50 every six months or so!  

Books - I love the online library borrowing system.  I like to purchase my "make me better" books, but I'm all for reading fiction for free.

Gas - Costco gas cards all the way.  Cheapest gas in town.

Exercise gear - Every time we go to Dick's Sporting Goods Store, I lust over the Calia line by Carrie Underwood.  But I just cannot make myself buy a pair of leggins for $80.  Not when I can get Champion brand leggings at Target for $20.  This is a category where I just might swing to the other side...someday.

Exercise Bra - That being said, good support up top is of extreme importance (in my opinion) and I spend quite a bit on my Enell bra.  Worth every penny.  It's not that pretty, but it gets the job done.

Purse - I'm always buying cheaper purses at Kohl's and they are ripping within a year.  My husband wants to buy me a nice expensive purse.  We'll see.  He believes you get what you pay for.

Bubble Bath - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bubble baths.  And I like lots of foam.  I buy the 1/2 gallon size of bubble bath at Wal Mart for $3.  I never feel guilty about dumping tons of suds in for a bath at that price.


Nails - I quit getting my nails done last year and switched over to polishing them myself.  I like to splurge on OPI polish.  

Makeup - I have a sun spot on my cheek that drives me bananas.  In an effort to cover it up, I went to Ulta and the girl (with rhinestones glued to her eyelids) recommended IT makeup.  Tried it.  Love it.  Worth it.

Exercise Bra - see above

Groceries - While I mainly shop at Wal Mart, lately we have been heading over to Trader Joe's for better quality meats and produce.  They are pretty comparable in price, so it's not a huge over splurge.

See?  I'm bad at the splurge side!  It's okay because my husband will spoil me so I don't have to do it myself!

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