Monday, January 2, 2017

Top 16 in 2016

I have seen so many people who have sworn off the past year as the worst year ever.  I highly disagree.  I understand that every person has their own experience of a year, but I think there is always room to grow and learn from each moment we live on this earth.  I know some years can be tougher than others (2009 - the year my dad died was a TOUGH year for us as a family), but there is also good in the previous 365 days.

I saw THIS on a blog that I follow and wanted to do my little part to remember that 2016 was indeed a great year!  My entries aren't in any particular order of importance.  They are just 16 great moments from last year.

1. We had a great time at the Tulare Basketball Tournament in which Evan's JV team placed first and then Evan also got to help the Varsity team take 2nd place!

2. We enjoyed a fun Catholic Schools Week, and I had the best time wearing my veil and tiara for Crazy Hat Day!  I haven't worn my veil since my wedding day, and I felt so pretty all day pretending like it was my wedding all over again!

3. An AMAZING family trip to Disneyland that also included a fun dinner at Farrell's Ice Cream.  We saved and saved and Eric worked two side jobs to pay for this fantastic trip.  It was so nice to play and play and eat and play and not worry about paying for the fun.  Loved this family trip!

4. I am blessed to work with some seriously awesome people.  My teaching partner, Amanda, is the best of the best.  She has a heart of gold, infectious energy, and is such a great friend.  I am so lucky to plan days with her. Plus, she's always up for a selfie!

5. We went to Stacey's wedding in Pismo, and stayed a few extra days to enjoy Easter at the coast.

6. Eric and I participated in the California Classic.  We did a 35 mile bike ride on Saturday and walked a 5K on Sunday.  We both got our interlocking medals.  Such a fun time for us to enjoy being together.

7. My annual trip with my 8th graders to The Ronald Reagan Museum and Disneyland.  It was extra fun with these friends this year.

8. Eric and I attended a Dave Ramsey SMART conference for a second time.  We love the inspiration and motivation we get from these conferences.

9. I participated in the Spring Concert by playing the piano with two of my 8th graders.  I was so nervous, and it was so much fun!

10. We went to the water park as a family for the first time ever.  Since losing weight, Eric is much more comfortable and excited to do things like this with us that he could not do before!

11. Lots of cycling.

12. We took a baby beach vacation before school started.

13. My principal gave my partner teacher and I the go ahead to remodel our classrooms into a desk free zone!  It was so much work, but so worthwhile!  It gave me such inspiration to go back to school in August!

14. First day of school.  I am blessed to be able to teach and have my kids be at my school.  I have not missed an event in their little lives!  I also marvel at each year of growth that my kids experience.

15. I successfully finished my first Whole30 and it brought me better health, clarity, and vigor for life!  Yes, it really did!

16. We enjoyed vacation time as a family.  This is my new favorite picture...all of us in matching pajamas!

There are many more happy, inspiring, and growth moments that I could have chosen, but it just proves to me that through the bad times, there are always ways to look up and be grateful for the good times we also experience.

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