Friday, May 20, 2016

The Week Before the Last Week of School

We are getting out of school super early this year.  Our last day is May 27.  We were supposed to have two more weeks of school, but due to a long, boring, and irritating story having to do with minimum wage and teacher salaries, we now are contractually obligated to end school in May.

Needless to say, everything feels completely crammed together and hectic.

It was really hot this week.  Next week is supposed to be nice and cool back in the 70s and 80s.  I got a call from the office on Wednesday that Hudson was in the office complaining of being hot and dizzy.  He is really susceptible to heat and gets sick if he gets too hot.  It was an easy day for me because the 8th graders were hanging out in the convent garden with Father Robert for their Spring Retreat.  That's why my classroom is empty.

I let Hudson come over to my nice cool classroom (I firmly believe in running the air conditioner!) to relax and cool down.  He ate lunch and watched part of a movie.  It was like he was in his own theater!

Hudson's class had another field trip on Thursday.  This time they walked to the Clovis Museum and to get ice cream.  I was an obnoxious parent and drove the two of us the few blocks to the trip.  (I wasn't planning to attend, but did so at the last minute and DID NOT want to walk in the heat.)

I've lived in Clovis for over 14 years and have never been in the museum.  It was fun to walk around and look at artifacts like this hair dryer.

The day isn't complete without a selfie.

And another selfie with my future daughter-in-law.  I love this little sweet girl.  Hudson hates it when I call her his girlfriend.

We all got a mint and a pen for touring through the museum.  And as you can see from my nasty thumb nail, I managed to peel off all of my acrylic nails.  Stress.

We had to walk a half a block to the ice cream shop.  The day was actually cooler than expected and it was nice to sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze while Huddy ate ice cream.

Hudson didn't share any of his sherbet with me.  Rude.

I HATE it when he makes this weird face.

Just hanging on a fence in our sassy purple hat.

Love these two!

This kid walks with such a swagger.  It's funny to watch, and I love it!

 Once we got back from the field trip, we joined the rest of the school for the Spring Concert practice.  My two boys were obviously thrilled!

The kids did a tremendous job on all of their songs.  I really enjoyed the concert.  I was even in it with my piano playing!  So much fun!

And I love Melita's choir conducting dress.  So fancy!

Eric took the boys to see a movie this afternoon, so I went and got my scratchy nails cleaned up.  Much shorter than what I've had for a year, but pretty.

Two more selfies to round out the night.  I was impressed with my hair because I'm on day three of not washing it.  I wore it in a bun today, and when I pulled it down, it had these fun waves going on!

And finally, Hudson is helping Eric get through his next levels on his game.  It's good to have an 8-year-old around to get you through difficult spots!

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