Sunday, May 15, 2016

Long Overdue Update

The yearbook has been finished for quite a while, but life never seems to slow down.  As I type this, I have two weeks left of school.  YIKES!!!

So much to do in two short weeks.  I might be a basket case for the next few weeks but then I'll have a small break.

Here's what we've been up to lately:

One of my algebra students bought me the best socks ever.  Who doesn't love algebra socks?!  Math rocks!

Still taking weird selfies.  My children will not look back and not see their mom in photos.  Apparently, that is a thing...moms usually take the photos and are not in them.  I guess I'm not a normal mom.

Eric and I signed up for the California Classic bike ride and 5K.  I won these earrings at the Expo!  They are made from old bicycle parts.

I promise to document the race, but it deserved a post of its own.

I needed/wanted a new cycling jersey.  Purple!!!  My favorite!

Picking up my earrings and wearing them for the first time.  So fun!

Feeling sassy.  It was a good hair/makeup day.

Our friends Claudia and Juan Carlos got married at the Japanese Gardens in Woodward Park.  It was a rainy morning that led to a gorgeous afternoon for the ceremony.

Such a beautiful couple!

My handsome boys dressed for the wedding.

Such a cute boy.

Evan went to 6th grade camp and Eric was at a week long training.  Hudson and I spent the week together.  He wanted to get his hair cut.  So we did.

We bought Eric some new suits.  Sexy man!

We went for a bike ride and I wore my new jersey.  Love it.

Love spending time with this guy.

I seem to think I am immune to the sun.  I'm not.  Stupid soccer game and lack of sunblock.

I've taken up drinking as a hobby.  Just kidding. Maybe!

Those three bottles create my signature drink: a Tan Ferrari.

Hudson got to participate in the school Science Fair for the first time.  We tested what would happen to eggs if placed in various liquids.  

Bleach does nothing to an egg while vinegar disintegrates the shell.

Eric and I walked a Color Me Rad.  That is the last one I'm ever going to do...unless the kids want to do one.  I don't like to be dirty, I really don't want people throwing things at me, and it's hard to run.

We finished Hudson's science fair project.

We decorated the board.

I do not know where this was taken, but it makes me smile.

Hudson got a new soccer uniform.  And new cleats.

Yes, me again.

Harry.  He leads a pretty plush life.

I decided to take piano lessons and I am also going to play in the school spring concert with two of my 8th graders.  This is the song we are playing, and we sound awesome!

Kaitlinn brought me special glasses for my new hobby.

Eric and I went to a Dave Ramsey Smart Conference.  We stayed in a fancy hotel in downtown L.A.  I thought the furniture was pretty funky.

The conference was FANTASTIC! Loved it and learned so much.

Skinny Eric needed new jeans.  I tried to tell him that joggers are the new cool thing.  He didn't believe me.

Eric is sad that he doesn't have a Disaronno glass like I do.  His hand is holding his imaginary glass.  And under his hand you can see Evan's research paper on chickens.

I took my 8th graders to Disneyland.  We broke down on the side of I-5 for 2 1/2 hours until they could bring us a new bus.  Ugh.  I tried on Stacey's glasses.  I like them.

These are Evan's sunglasses.  I like Stacey's better.

After walking around Disneyland and California Adventure for 11 hours.  Having fun but getting tired.

So we rode Small World to rest.

Crazy 8th grade boys.

It's been a busy and crazy month.  And it won't slow down for at least the next two weeks.

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