Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Field Trip to the Library

End of the year field trips are upon us.  I walked with Hudson's class to the town library yesterday.  It was fun, I guess.  I mean, it's the library.  I enjoyed being with Hudson.  I like being able to be with my kids on their trips.  It was a pleasant trip.  But we've been to the library quite a few times in his lifetime.  That's okay, though.  We enjoyed the jaunt away from school.

Shortly into the walk, Hudson started complaining that his tie was choking him.  Rather than fight it, I told him to take it off.  I'm surprised he left his vest on the whole time.  It was warm, but not to the point of dripping sweat. 

The librarian read the kids a story, gave them a tour, gave them a scavenger hunt to complete, and gave them prizes.  Both Hudson and I checked out a book.  He got some weird boy book and I checked out Night Circus.  (I counted up my books that I've read so far this year, and I'm already over 35 books!  I am quite pleased with myself in this regard.)

Then we walked back to school.

I am bummed that the third graders didn't get to go to Sacramento on the train to visit the Train Museum, but things didn't work out that way this year. :( Eric and Evan have been to the train museum, but Hudson and I haven't gotten to see it.  I think we need to plan a summer day trip.

We were told to wear hats on the trip.

This picture makes me laugh for a few reasons.  First, Hudson has this shifty-eyed look going on like he's afraid of me and he's begging someone to notice his distress!  Second, I always marvel at how different our coloring is from each other.  I swear he's mine!  Forcey genes are strong in this one.

Hudson sat on my lap and as I was taking more selfies of us, he was waving that bookmark in front of my face.  The picture snapped right as my eyes were centered in the cutout making me look like a ninja (according to Hudson!).

Like I said, we had a nice walk back to school.  I am always happy when I get to spend time with my people on their school functions.

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