Monday, May 16, 2016

California Classic

Eric and I participated in the California Classic during a weekend in April which consisted of riding our bikes for 35 miles on Saturday and walking a 5K on Sunday.

We only got a few photos of the actual bike ride, and I think they are all on Eric's phone.  So, sorry.  No "action" photos.  You'll have to use your imagination!

The ride was long (35 miles), and I was pretty exhausted.  Four-ish hours of riding left me a bit wobbly.  Eric went to the car for our flip flops and I tried to find a parking spot for my bike.

Even though I don't look it, I was pretty happy and proud of the ride we had just done.

There's a little bit more enthusiasm.

Love that smile!

It's hard to see, but his shorts are gappy around his knee.  They are supposed to be snug, but when you lose 130 pounds, things fit differently!

He has worked so hard to get healthy.  I'm so proud of him.

Feeling pretty happy to be sporting our new medals.


Apparently, a 35-mile bike ride did me in.  Nap time.

We were up early the next day to "race" in the 5K.  And by race, I mean walk the whole way, laugh a lot, and enjoy each other.

Lots of people ready to run.

I really liked the hat we got.


He just loves it when I take a bunch of pictures of him!

We call this artistic lighting.

Just like the bike ride, I didn't take any photos during the actual event.  I started taking them at the end.  Eric is not a runner, and I had biked 35 miles the day before, so we walked the 5K, and I am happy to say we did not come in last.  We actually had a lot of fun walking, talking, and laughing.  Every time I would reach for Eric's hand or try to touch him, he'd scream, "Get away from me lady!  I don't know you!"  And then I'd laugh like a lunatic!

After 50 minutes or so, we entered the baseball stadium at the back.  I always think it is fun to walk down this ramp into the outfield.

I was pretty happy.  A long walk is good for me!

One of my new absolute favorite pictures of Eric.  He just looks so happy and I love it!

Getting closer to the finish line.

Almost there!

We did it!  A 35 mile bike ride on Saturday and a 5K on Sunday!

I enjoyed free ice cream.

Eric being his usual snarky self.

Here's the real reason we did this...interlocking medals!

You lay one medal over the top of the other medal and you can see the one behind it.  Pretty cool.  I can't decide which one I like better.

I think I appreciate the cycling medal the most because of the effort it took for me to get on the bike after a few years of NO RIDING whatsoever and riding up a freeway for 35 miles.  I was a little scared!

The best thing about all this?  Completing it with my best friend.

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