Saturday, May 28, 2016


The end of the school year is so much fun and so much stress.  I want to make sure that the graduation is perfect for my 8th graders and their parents.  I sometimes forget myself and my family in the process.  It's a tough, but fun time of year.

We had two sets of awards this week.  Tuesday's awards were the third trimester and sports honors.  Both boys got gold honor roll and Hudson earned a top Accelerated Reader point earner for his class!  This made me quite proud!

The 8th graders had a week full of graduation practice and field trips.  We went to John's Incredible Pizza for food and games.  They seemed to enjoy the afternoon.

Car full of kids.  I snicker whenever any student tells me they like riding in my van.  I usually tell them, "It's my dream car!"  I can barely believe I've been driving my mini van for over 8 years.  We got it when I was pregnant with Hudson.

It wouldn't be a typical post without some selfies of me.  I had a few good hair days. 

I once saw someone post on Instagram that they love taking selfies because there was a lot to be said for feeling good about yourself and thinking you look pretty.  I agree.

I have no pictures for the following things, but here's what happened the last few days of school:

-Saw Hello Dolly with the 8th graders at Roger Rockas.
-Evan and Hudson both got Principal's Honor Roll and various other awards.
-Graduation was fantastic.
-I came home and collapsed from exhaustion.

The drought conditions and penalties for over watering last summer made us choose to just turn off the water and let the grass die.  The yard is in need of attention, so we decided to start with a full covering of bark.

We didn't get enough, but that's okay because we'll do some plants and rocks in the open spaces.

The development of the field across the street into neighborhood houses is well under way.  I am really surprised that the grapevine says we will have houses on the cul de sac facing us.  I thought for sure we'd be facing a back complex wall.  It doesn't look that way.

Looking tidy.

Evan and I helped Eric and we finished the project this morning.

I got a very generous gift card from a student last night, so we went to enjoy lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Yum!

I plan to rest, clean, rest, and plan for summer school.  It's a good time.

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