Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Vacation

When I first started teaching, I used to have to work on Monday, Tuesday, and usually half of Wednesday.  It was a worthless teaching week where not much got done.  Luckily, several years ago my school switched to taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and I LOVE it!

We were slugs on Saturday.  I can't remember Sunday!  I put up half of my Christmas decorations on Monday.  Then on Tuesday we had big plans!

My friend Aniesha invited me to a Fall Flower Arrangement class.  She lives in Hanford.  Eric works in Hanford.  Perfect!  I drove the kids in and dropped them with Eric to take home.  Before the swap, however, we had to get ice cream at Superior Dairy.  A trip to Hanford requires ice cream there!

 Evan ordered a chocolate shake, Hudson got a chocolate sundae, and I got a single scoop of strawberry ice cream that was as big as my head.  I ate about a fourth of it, but it was delicious!

 Old fashioned chocolate shake made the way a shake should be!

Evan has been into personal grooming lately...up to two showers a day, gelling his hair up, wearing deodorant!  It's cute.

 Once Eric and I exchanged kids, I headed to Aniesha's house.  She and her husband recently moved in, and it is adorable!  We ate a quick small dinner at Panera and then headed to the flower shop.

 I know this picture looks the same as the one above, but it is a totally separate picture...I swear!  We had so much fun laughing and making these arrangements.  The shop owners showed us how to cut the flowers and poke them in the green spongy stuff.  It wasn't hard, and I was really happy with how my arrangement turned out!

Our finished arrangements.  The flower shop was GORGEOUS!  It was like a fairy wonderland with ornaments hanging from the ceiling, pretty decorations everywhere and flowers!  I wanted to buy all the stuff.

Our last stop for the evening was Starbucks where I ordered an actual coffee drink rather than cider or hot chocolate!  And I liked it.  I don't know what is up with the weird bump in my hair here, but oh well.  It was the end of the night.

I really want to like coffee, because I'm just not so sure drinking a diet soda every morning for caffeine is the healthiest option.  But I need the caffeine,  I like tea, but coffee is always available almost everywhere.  We'll see how this experiment of me trying to like coffee goes!

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