Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Tree Shopping

On the day after Thanksgiving we usually go see Eric's parents, but his mom was not feeling well so we stayed home.  We were planning on getting our tree on Saturday, but since we had an open Friday, we headed out in the afternoon to find our tree.

We have gone to Hillcrest Tree Farm for the past two years, so we drove to Reedley to scope out trees.  And they were closed!  We should have checked the schedule before driving 30 minutes.  It's a bummer because Hillcrest is really cute with a train ride, food, fire pit, trail and castle.

We drove back into town and went to Simonian Farms to get our tree.  Not the same as being in the small hills of Reedley, but still nice trees.  I made Hudson take a bunch of pictures with me.

 It was very bright and warm yesterday.  I don't want to live where I have to fight snow, but some cold and dreary days would be nice.  It was in the 70s yesterday.

 I've never had a flocked tree, but they are so pretty, so we went for it.

 Finally, a selfie where I'm in the frame with the kid and the tree.

 This kid makes me laugh.

 Hudson had enough of posing in the bright sun.

 I hope it fits in the house.

 We explored the area a little bit.  They had a cute barn with old fashioned candy and treats.  The kids got ice cream and I had a caramel candy.  Tasty!

 The tree is HUGE!  We took it through the back yard and in the house through the side sliding door.  It made a huge mess along the way, but it is up.  I had someone on Facebook say it is pretty even without decorations.  I have to agree.

But I went ahead and decorated anyway!  It is massive and fills up the entire corner by the fireplace.  We can't have anymore fires until it is down, which sucks, because I have really been enjoying the fires in the morning.  Granted, life is going to get busy in two days with school and weekend activities, but I like a night time fire.

I still have more decorating to go, but this room is done, and I have a gorgeous tree.

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