Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Day of November

I thought I had more pictures, but I don't.  I took this one a few days ago when I started to take down Fall decorations and put up Christmas decorations.

I am super excited that I now have enough Fall decor to fill two storage boxes!  I was pleased that you could tell I decorated for Fall.  It wasn't just one or two pumpkins here and there.  Each room had pretty things!  Then I got excited because I found a third box in storage that I forgot about!  I need to remember it for next year!

I have more ideas for Fall decorating next year.  I am also wanting to expand decorating into Easter/spring and Fourth of July.  It's a lot of work to decorate, but it also makes me very happy when it is done.  So I need to spend time doing it for the happiness that follows!

Pinterest is my new friend when it comes to decor.  I spent less than $50 (of my own blow money) to do Fall stuff.  I think there needs to be a spot in the budget for house decorations!  We'll see what Eric thinks about that!

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