Saturday, April 26, 2014

11th Annniversary: sickness and soccer

My goodness it's been a long time since I've written anything!  Life just caught up to me.  Or I spent too much time watching tv and reading other people's blogs to actually keep up with my own.

However, reading other people's blogs today got me thinking that I really need a record of our life.  Something that explains what we did.  Something to look back on someday and realize that the days were busy and crazy and hectic and slow paced and healthy and sick.

I want to be able to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon when I'm 70 reading about MY life...not someone else's life!

No promises on keeping up with this blog again, but it's just for me.  Anyone that happens to stumble upon my little world...welcome!

Let's catch up a bit, shall we?

Today is our 11th anniversary.  We weren't planning to do anything super special, but we did get a babysitter lined up so that we could at least go out to dinner sans kids.

And then Evan woke up in the middle of the night puking.  He ended up in our bed, then on the floor by our bed, and home all day.  We were supposed to all be up and at 'em for multiple soccer games.  I ended up staying home with Evan, and Eric took Hudson to his soccer game.  They won!  Yay!  Evan threw up at least once more.  I canceled the babysitter.

I did several loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, watched episodes of Mixology, stalked a bunch of blogs, found a day/life planner I really want, and am trying to work up the motivation to get on the treadmill. As far as the planner goes, here is the one I want: PLANNER.  I have dreams that if I just get myself a planner, I'll be the organized, stylish, and ever calm mom that I'm always hoping to be.  Yeah, I actually have to do the things that you write IN the planner to achieve all those things.  Still, I'm going to save up for the planner so I can get one in July that runs through Dec. 2015.  Need to find a picture for the front!

As for the rest of the day, well, Eric is taking a nap because he was the one up with Evan last night.  Hudson is in the game room.  Evan is resting on the couch.  Exciting stuff.  I wouldn't have figured this would be the 11th anniversary game plan, but I also know that this is what life is: soccer and sickness, sleepless nights and naps, crappy cartoons and netflix.  Besides, Eric and I had a wonderful lunch date a few weeks ago when I took a day off work.  We can call that the anniversary dinner.  I do plan to go to the store for some steaks later.  I should probably take a shower as well!

And here is a peek at Evan in the corner of the couch getting better.  He needs to get better.  We have soccer tomorrow.  We always have soccer.

Just for fun, here are a couple more pictures from the past few days:

I had a follow up doctor appointment on Monday.  Hudson came in to the room with me and we took funny pictures to send to Eric.  His response, "Why are you eating our child?"  And for some reason, that just cracked me up to no end!  Oh, and during that appointment, I found out that I have lungs of an 82-year-old. I'll share that story another day when I can't think of anything to say.

Coloring eggs at Grandma's house.

Miniature golfing at Blackbeard's during Easter Vacation.  Love our vacation because public kids go back to school and we have the week after Easter to ourselves wherever we go!

Lastly, a short update on us all.

Eric: 45, IT manager in Hanford for 4 years, manager of both Evan and Hudson's soccer teams, soccer club treasurer, all around great man.

Heather: 39 (yikes), teacher for 14 years, lives at school, going a little crazy each day, loves wine, follows family around to soccer events.

Evan: 9, 4th grade, made the PDP team for soccer, got MVP for basketball at school, honor roll, likes learning Spanish, amazing kid.

Hudson: 6, 1st grade, funny, great reader, plays soccer, can keep with his brother, little gamer, can roll his R's like a boss, knows what kind of wine his mom likes, super kid.

Hopefully I'll keep this up.  It actually makes me happy.


P.S. I am sort of sad that it is as if 2013 didn't exist.  It did.  I swear.  We were busy doing all sorts of stuff. We went on a fantastic vacation to Sea World, we traveled to many soccer tournaments, we got together with friends, we grew, we learned, we saved money, we laughed.  There really was a 2013.

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