Wednesday, April 30, 2014

San Francisco or Bust...literally!

Evan and Eric took off on the 4th grade field trip today to head to Mission Dolores and Pier 39.  They left home at 6 a.m. and were supposed to be on a bus rolling towards the bay at 6:30.

I got a text from the teacher at 6:33 saying the bus hadn't shown up!  Yikes!  In a strange twist of fate, Hudson's godfather is the head mechanic of this bus company.  I called Nina (his wife) and Eric called Grampy (what we call him).  The bus rolled in about 20 minutes late.  Not sure what the problem was other than completely FREAKING out the 4th grade teacher!  There's nothing worse than 25 kids and 10 parents all looking at you to fix the problem.

We thought things were fine.  But no.  The bus broke down in Gilroy.  Who knew that Chuck E. Cheese opens at 9 a.m?  That's where the group headed...for 2 hours while waiting for a new bus to pick them up!  I'm very grateful that they broke down in a populated area with access to a fun place for the kids to hang out.  It would have been miserable to keep 4th graders entertained for two hours in a random parking lot or on the side of the road.  Thankful for small blessings!

Evan and his buddies walking across the street to eat pizza and play games at 9 a.m!

Yay!  More crap to throw away at a later date.

Grampy jumped in a bus, flew up to Gilroy, and rescued the group!  He got a big hug from Evan, and the group was on their way to the mission.

Evan at the mission.  I want to go visit.  I've never been to this one. Apparently, the docent who was supposed to guide them around the mission had to leave.  They got to explore on their own.

 After leaving the mission, the group headed to Pier 39.  Gorgeous day at the bay.

Oh, how I want to be there gazing at the water.  I love the ocean.  Instead, I get to see this...

I mean, come on!  Who wouldn't rather hang in a junior high classroom with papers to grade instead of being on the coast?

Tired boy grabbing a bite to eat at Pier 39.

They won't be leaving San Francisco until 5ish, so I don't expect them home much before 9.  I'm going to have two tired boys on my hands tomorrow!

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