Sunday, December 16, 2012

High Scorer

We had a lazy morning followed by a busy afternoon.  As a family, we drove across town to watch the Robotics Team compete at Regionals.  Then we drove to the other side of town to catch an OLPH JV basketball game.

We had just pulled onto the campus of San Joaquin Memorial when my principal called me asking if we were possibly coming to watch the game.  I told him we were in the parking lot.  He said, "Perfect!  We need Evan to play!"

Turns out, the team was short a player due to some kids being sick and others competing in Robotics.  Coach Washington pulled a jersey out of his car, and Evan was IN THE GAME!

I know I'm his mother, and I'm slightly biased, but that kid was amazing to watch playing against 5th and 6th graders!  He was fast, he was aggressive, and he made three scorer for his team!

Since he was so small compared to the other players, the entire crowd seemed to be cheering for him!  Our team lost terribly (7-37), but Evan had a blast, and man was it fun to watch!

Evan was #52 for the game.  He is such a cool and composed athlete.  No fear.  Just determination.

Another funny thing is how unexpectedly prepared he was to play.  He was wearing navy blue shorts in the middle of winter, he had on tennis shoes, and a short sleeve jersey.  At any given time right now he'd be in track pants, Adidas slider flip flops and a sweatshirt.  He was meant to play today.

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