Sunday, October 14, 2012

50th Reunion or Bust

I offered to take my mom to Hollywood to her 50th High School Reunion.  What an adventure we had!  A good time, as always with the old people.

A quick stop in McFarland to get a Diet Coke from McDonald's.  That was a crazy busy little parking lot.  Not much else going on in that town but the action at McD's.

Another hour or so down the road, and we stopped for lunch at Marie Calender's.  Tasty lunch.  It's good to travel with mom...she gets a senior discount everywhere we go.  Now is she could only get that discount for gas.

We made it to the Sheraton Hotel in Universal City in one piece.  Traffic was busy but flowing nicely.  Both of us were quite impressed with the valet parking, bell hops, and fancy digs.

They even offered us complimentary glasses of wine!   Can't beat that!

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