Thursday, October 4, 2012


I hate homework.  Let me clarify.  As a mother, I hate homework.  It is irritating.  It causes fights.  It causes tears.  It causes headaches.  It causes stress.  I'm not really sure of the positive aspect of it.

Now, as a teacher, I realize homework to be a necessary tool at times.  When I taught 3rd grade, the subject of spelling was done almost entirely at home as homework.  We simply didn't have enough time to do it in class.  As a junior high teacher, I try to use homework as a "finish what you didn't complete in class" type of thing.

Hudson is rather resistant to the concept of going to school everyday.  He certainly is not on board with doing homework.  I guess he figured Harry would be a great help to him as he colored a picture of St. Francis of Assisi.  I don't think Harry wanted to be involved in coloring.  Just a guess on my part.  But then again, Hudson didn't want to be involved in coloring, either.

Homework was made slightly more bearable last night with a cup of milk, Easy Mac N Cheese, a box of Tic Tacs and a dog.  And the entire packet got done.

(Thank goodness I looked at the packet last night instead of today.  Normally homework is turned in on Friday, but due to a field trip, the packet needed to be turned in this morning.  Not turning in kindergarten homework is one more thing I did NOT need to add to my list of things I can't manage to accomplish.)

*As a side note, even though Hudson isn't all about school, he did well on his progress report.  I was pleased.  The kid would just rather be playing.  I can't say that I blame him.

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