Friday, October 7, 2011

Fresno Fair Kids' Day

Today was our annual school trip to the Fresno Fair. We had gorgeous weather and no worries!

I was originally supposed to drive four 7th grade girls along with Evan. At the last minute, another mom offered to drive the girls, and Evan and I were able to tag along with Stacey and five 7th grade boys. Stacey is our school secretary, but she's also my super great friend. Evan had fun sitting in the middle of the big boys in the back of the car.

Evan and the boys saying hi to Smokey the Bear.

Evan and Blake play a giant game of chess. We need a large chess set like this at school!

Making big bubbles in the Kid Zone.

Evan the Turtle.

Preschoolers didn't get to go to the fair, so we had to buy something for Hudson. I love buying the rocks in a bag. For $1 you get all sorts of pretty stones.

I let Evan get a mold of his hand. He wasn't crying in this picture, I swear. He was shielding his eyes from the sun. Sadly, Hudson got hold of the hand and pieces of the bottom have crumbled off. Ugh. We can't let Hudson touch anything.

I spent too much money, ate yummy fair food, and had a good day. I love getting the super creamy gyros each year. Once I get that, I'm good. I also bought the super sticky and sweet cinnamon rolls that we'll enjoy for breakfast tomorrow. So good. The food is half (or all) the fun at the fair.

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