Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Sunday is a strange day for Halloween. Church in the morning and Trick-or-Treating at night. Just weird!

I decided to spiff things up a bit and made a "spoooooky" dinner. These ideas were borrowed from friends' blogs (Carol!) and the internet. We had Mummy Dogs and Worm Juice.

We also had "Crunchy Fingers."

I figured I had to do something creative to make up for times when I completely fail at being a taking Evan to 7-Eleven for breakfast. Evan declared that the carrot fingers were "gross," and only ate half of his Mummy Dog. Hudson ate all of his carrots, but barely touched his dog. Sometimes I wonder why I try? Oh yeah, I remember. It's so I can take photos for later proof that I did these things way back when!

After dinner was done, the boys showed off their costumes. Imagine...they were both soccer players! Evan was originally going to be Indiana Jones, but he was the one who came up with switching to be a soccer player. Let's just say we did nothing to discourage this cheap and fantastic idea! We dressed Hudson in Evan's old gear, and we were good to go! Easiest Halloween costumes EVER!

I have to give Evan credit for some bargaining skills! He told Eric that since he saved us money by not buying a Halloween costume, he wanted us to pay him a dollar! Cracked me up!

Evan's buddy from school joined us for Trick-or-Treating. The kids must have thought they were in a running race, because we parents could barely keep up with them. They had quite the good haul.

Now aren't all three of my readers impressed?! I managed to get Halloween pics and story up ON Halloween rather than two weeks later. See? I'm trying.

I hope you all had a very happy Halloween.

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