Thursday, June 24, 2010


Evan started summer school this week. The kids spend half of their morning in the classroom with Mrs. Cochran reviewing math, working on art, and reading. Then the kids switch and spend the other half of the morning with Coach Washington doing basketball camp. (Next week will be volleyball camp and then flag football camp.)

Evan plays HARD. The child doesn't know the meaning of taking it easy.

I have been working on projects in the office all week, so when Evan crashed into his friend while playing on the blacktop outside, he knew where to find me.

I think he took the brunt of his fall on his hip. Ouch! He was a sooty black mess. His hip was scraped, his elbow was raw, and he was covered in blacktop crud. Poor kid.

A while later he came running in telling me it was time for Water Wednesday. I asked him how he was doing. His reply? "I'm good. I'm tough, Mom!"

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