Monday, June 28, 2010

Dad, Kids, Summer

My mom (who doesn't have a blog) certainly has strong opinions about mine! She tells me when I need new pictures, she lets me know if she does or doesn't like my backgrounds, and she certainly gets snippy if I haven't posted in three days or five or 10! I jokingly called her the Blog Administrator! I do it all; she delegates it all!

I was told that it has been three days since my last post and that I should be stepping it up and posting every day during the summer. Sigh. I'll work on it.

This morning the boys and I drove to Chowchilla to attend the very small service to have my dad's ashes placed out at the local cemetery. It was a very nice service. There were nine of us there. It was quite a bit different from last year when there were over 100 people at his funeral. My sister took pictures, but I'll have to wait until she puts them up on Facebook before I can copy them and post them here.

After the service, we had a wonderful breakfast courtesy of my mom's great friend Kay. Thank you, Kay!

Then we headed to Grandma's house for the day. We relaxed, talked, and tried to keep cool. The boys swam in a little pool out back while Mom, Sis, and I lounged around and didn't move all that much.

I don't have any photos of the kids swimming, but I do have a shot of Evan and Hudson in their new bathing suits. Hudson and I bought them at Target last week on clearance...because as we all know bathing suit season is nearly over, and it is time to move on to winter sweaters. Sheesh.

At three in the afternoon, we were all so sticky and hot (Grandma's air conditioner isn't working too well and was no match against 108 degree temperatures) that we decided to go to the grocery store for an hour and enjoy their air conditioner! I'm not joking.

We finally left town at 5 and drove back into Fresno for Evan's T-ball party. Good times. We accidentally followed a teammate home and realized that they live in the EXACT same neighborhood as us. I pass by their house every time I jog! Maybe I'll see them out and about and can say hi in the near future.

The kids received baseball "trophies" for their season of playing. They are actually really cool.

It's even engraved with his name.

Next year we are hoping to get Evan out of T-ball and into machine pitch. Hopefully he'll have the same coach that he did for T-ball. Great guy.

Okay, Mom...or should I say Administrator? Are you happy there is a new post? Tomorrow we'll be walking to the library. I'll do my best to document the morning.

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