Friday, June 25, 2010

Me and My Chicken

Today was the first time that Hudson and I spent alone time together without Evan around. (I'm not counting short trips to the store or time when I was home on maternity leave.) Evan went to summer school this morning, and Hudson and I headed to Target to buy new swim suits, and then we were off to the zoo! We had a great morning together.

There are a bunch of photos. I had to have proof that I spent time with this child without his brother being around. I know in 15 years he is going to accuse me of never spending time with him like I did with Evan, and I am going to need evidence that I indeed took him somewhere alone!

First stop, as always, was the bird exhibit. I think the boys just like going in and out of the double cage doors. I'm not sure they really care about the birds.

I was bound and determined to get a shot of both us. So what if I cut off half of Hudson's face?!

Checking out the elephants. Hudson yelled at every animal we visited. "Hey elephant!" "Hey Tiger!" "Hey 'mingos (flamingos)!" I had to tell him to pipe down because he wouldn't like it if someone came to his home and started yelling at him!

Not quite as big as a tiger.

Trying to find the giraffes through the periscope.

The zoo has a new archeological dig site that opened not too long ago. Hudson poked around in the dirt for about five minutes and decided that was enough. He wasn't too thrilled. Evan spent over an hour digging when we were on his field trip here last month.

We had to take time for a quick snack. Hudson wasn't interested in the traditional popcorn snack I always get while at the zoo.

Hudson was more interested in dropping my spilled popcorn through the empty umbrella hole in the table. Funny enough, a squirrel was more than happy to run up and snatch the kernels away for a mid morning snack of his own.

Looking at swans. We saw two of them, and I said to Hudson, "Look, he has a friend!" Then I asked him if he had any friends. He thought for a moment and said, "Hmmmm. My brother!" AWWWWWWW!

I think every kid who has ever visited this zoo has this required picture in an album somewhere.

And this one.

We had just enough time to head over to Sting Ray Bay before needing to pick Evan up at school.

As always, before we leave the zoo, we must take a trip up and over these stumps. Forcey Family tradition.

Hudson and I had a great morning together. The two of us will definitely be spending more quality alone time with each other. He is turning into such a fun little guy.

We finally headed back to get Evan, and as soon as Hudson saw his big brother, he raced down the school hallway and threw his arms around him. To my surprise and delight, Evan gave him an equally big hug right back!

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