Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Evan did it! He graduated from kindergarten. We are so very, very proud of him!

I forgot my keys to get into school this morning. Evan made a quick run back to the car for me. He was so happy to be wearing his "fancy clothes."

Evan and his teacher, Mrs. Clark.

Evan and his principal, Mrs. Cochran.

This kid was sooooo excited to wear a tie!

Off to first grade!

Sethena drove Grandma to Clovis to see the graduation. Thank you, Sethena!

Daddy's boy.

I love photos like these.

Mama and Papa came to the graduation.

We had a beautiful morning watching our oldest child complete one phase of his life. So bittersweet. My heart won't be able to handle it when he graduates from 8th grade!

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