Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doing okay

Today was sad, but it was also okay. I think yesterday was worse simply because it was Monday.

We were busy from start to finish today. I went with Evan on his field trip to Blackbeard's. Eric and I were very proud of him because he went on the water slides two times even though he was scared. It's neat to see him conquer his fears.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing up grades, filling out honor roll certificates, and getting all the awards ready for tomorrow's assembly. I had a nice surprise when my mom and sister came to visit me in my classroom for an hour.

I spent time after school finishing up the awards, we came home, had dinner, and then I went for a run. Rather than be sad, it was more a day for reflection. It's almost a relief that the day has come and gone. It felt like this huge looming sort of day. THE ONE YEAR MARK. I guess I built it up in my head to be that way.

But we were all okay. It was okay.

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  1. I remember you telling us about your dad. I am so glad that the anniversary of his death was an okay day. I can't imagine. Hugs.