Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall, Hurry Up And Get Here!

I never used to love Fall decor, but as an adult, I LOVE it!  I didn't decorate last year.  Probably too stressed out, tired, busy, and crazy.

This Labor Day weekend (Hudson calls it Libber Day!), I am relatively caught up with "stuff" in general.  Lesson plans are done.  House isn't sparkling clean, but it isn't atrocious, groceries are bought, clothes are washed (even sheets!), and I'm feeling decently relaxed.  I decided to pull out the Fall decorations.

I spent the afternoon putting stuff on tables and shelves and finding ideas on Pinterest.  I even took a quick trip to Dollar Tree to buy a few more NEEDED items!  Here are a few results.

 Family room coffee table.  I love my glossy fake fruit.  I already owned all that stuff.  Not even sure where it came from.

 The little side table by my side of the couch.  I need more candy to fill the pumpkin dish.

 Side table in the corner of the couches.  I'd like some pine cones for the basket.  I repurposed the milk jar as a vase, and our engagement photo works perfectly with the color scheme.

 Part of the fireplace.  I used wine glasses as candle holders.  I want to finish this area by hooking up the garland so it isn't drooping all weird.  I also want to get a bunch of fake pumpkins for the big vase and then poke empty, skinny branches into it.  I got the little scarecrow at Dollar Tree.  Hudson decided that was where he needed to live.  I think he's cute.

 The side table in the formal dining room.  Candy in the dish would look nice along with possibly switching out the candles in the holders.  However, if this table has nothing more done to it, it won't bother me.

The dining room table.  I really love using table runners when I decorate, but I didn't want to spend too much money.  I found an old Fall flag that I never opened and decided to use it as the "runner."  I like how it turned out!

I could easily spend much more and go crazy to create a fall forest in my house, but I think the touches I have added are quite nice as is.  In any case, it makes me happy to see the orange, red, and green colors throughout our home.

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