Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm the Official School Photographer

And I have a fancy new camera to use.

 Mrs. Robertson and Coach Washington...some of my favorite people!

 My boys on their first day of 2nd and 5th grades.

 Lunch and supplies.

 Miss Savino remains calm at all times!  Trying to get the speakers working might send her over the edge some days!

 Oh, Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Chavez!  What would we do without you in the office?!

 I spy with my little eye a cutie pie with big brown eyes!

 He turned because I loudly whispered his name!

 Lunch on the first day of school.

 Fifth grade boys are funny little ducks!

 Hudson eating lunch with his friends.

Hudson and his friend having fun at the Lego Rally!

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