Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grandma Doesn't Like Harry

Grandma couldn't understand why I would dedicate a whole blog posts to Harry, so I decided to make sure she got some equal time on the blog!  Some people just don't appreciate a good weenie dog!

 Grandma kept the boys last week on Monday and Tuesday.  They had fun playing games, eating, watching tv, and talking about deep stuff.

 I picked the kids up on Tuesday afternoon to head to soccer practice.

 Hudson loves his grandma.

 My mom said that Evan was a big help while he was there.  Makes me proud!

 No worries, we totally know how to take selfies!

 Second try...let's smile and open our eyes.


Oh well.  At least we make each other laugh!

I think Grandma now has established her place as that of more importance than Harry!

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