Friday, August 22, 2014

Random Pictures, Soccer Tournament, and First Week of School In One

I decided to upload all the pictures I've taken over the past two weeks.  No rhyme or reason to them.

 I love my planner.

 We left last Friday for Sacramento for a soccer tournament.  I was really proud of myself for waking up both Saturday and Sunday morning to work out in the hotel gym.  The treadmill was nice.  I chose to "run" in Germany!

 I also did a little bit of the bike.  It was fun.

 Our games both days weren't until 11:30, so we didn't have to rush out the door.  I enjoyed lounging in the bed before getting ready.  Hudson has pants on in this photo, but it looks like he's naked!

 My camera phone was giving me issues, so I started taking random photos to see if it would work.

 Lovely shot of the tv.

 Happy Feet 2 was on.


 Snuggling with monkey #2.

 Evan's team won both games on Saturday...easily won.  I think I suffered from a touch of heat exhaustion.  After a few hours in 100+ heat and not enough water, Eric made me sit in the car with the air on.  I was not feeling well at all.  Finally, back at the hotel, I slept for an hour before we went to dinner.

It was nice because we left the kids with some of the other parents, and Eric and I had dinner out by ourselves.

 Day 2.  Hudson was too tired to stand before Sunday's games.

Evan made the tying goal (a Penalty Kick) that sent our team to the finals!  Very exciting.  The final game wasn't until 5:45, and I refused to sit in the heat again, so we took the team to Carl's Jr. for lunch and then the movies for the afternoon.

 Pumas.  These boys are just great!

 Both my boys appreciate a good chocolate shake.

 Ready to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 3D.  It was funny!

 Dark shot of the kids inside the theater with their 3D glasses.

 Better shot just outside the theater.  Fun afternoon making memories.  Easy way to stay cool and and keep the boys from running around before the championship game!

 We WON!!!

 So proud of these kids!

 They played a very tough game.  Major effort went into this win!

 I hope he looks back on this time and realizes how special of a deal this is.

 Getting his championship medal from Coach Marcos.

 Great coaches who care about the kids developing as players.

 Another random photo.  I took this and sent it to Eric because the junior high team was trying to get ready for our iPad presentation.  I needed to ask Eric about the connections in our projector!  Love having a husband who knows ALL there is to know about technology.

 get a good picture of myself that morning.

I took first day of school pictures with the better camera.  I pretty much use my phone for loading pictures for the blog.

 Third day of school celebration lunch.  Too busy to take the kids out before this.

 Foster's ice cream says job well done on day three of school!

 First Mass of the school year and wearing the new ties.  Looking handsome!

 My 8th graders look so good in their ties!

 My class.  I think this is going to be a fun year.

 I like the new look of my classroom.  It makes me much happier to be in there.

It was a good first week of school.  Looking forward to teaching this group.

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