Friday, September 5, 2014

Great Dinner Last Weekend and a Head Cold This Weekend

 Last Monday on our day off, we worked together to create a really good dinner.  Eric found a recipe for foil packet potatoes on Facebook.  They were so delicious!

 They had bacon in them.  Yeah, they were that good!

 A little bit of onion, bacon, and super thinly sliced potatoes.

 And a pat of butter!  Amazing!

 We had enough potatoes for three packets and Eric put cheese in one of the packets.  Those were really good, too.  While Eric made the potatoes, I made a really good cream cheese stuffed chicken.  It was such a comfort food kind of dinner.

And I forgot to take any pictures of the finished products!  Too busy eating!

 This week was extremely busy.  It was nice to have Monday off for Labor Day, but man did we pack a whole lot of stuff into four days.

-two flag football practices
-two soccer practices
-one after school parent meeting
-one Safe Environment training
-one LNI meeting
-one kid throwing up
-one business meeting
-one Mass to plan
-one family night at Storyland

And then I caught a cold in the middle of all that.  And today was picture day.  Lovely.

 This is how I looked this morning.  Puffy face, exhausted from being up since 3:30 because of congestion and headache, itchy eyes, dark circles.  LOVE taking pictures on those days.

At least Evan is cute.

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