Monday, August 8, 2016

Before We Know it, August is Here

This summer sure has flown by.  School got out, I had two short weeks off which included planning for summer school, six weeks of running summer school, and two VERY short weeks before school starts.  

And here I am about to leave for three days of teacher work before school starts on Thursday.  Ugh!  Where did summer go?

We weren't planning on going anywhere this summer, but Eric surprised me by planning a couple day get away to the beach.  The best!

Traveling with these two is a piece of long as they have charged tablets and wifi!

Evan was grumpy when we left that Wednesday morning.  A nap greatly helped his perkiness!

We set up camp at Avila Beach.  It was gorgeous!  There were Jr. Lifeguards training that day and it was fun to watch. I pretty much just soaked up the cool weather, warm sun, and unbeatable view.

Can I live here?

The boys played in the freezing cold water on their boogie boards.  I tried to ignore them so I wouldn't freak out about how far out in the ocean they were drifting.  

Hudson takes a boogie boarding break.

The Avila pier that is closed for repairs.

Knowing my tendency to burn, I spent some time in the tent.  I still had a great view.

Evan is on the left. Hudson is on the right.  Evan really is a good brother and was constantly keeping his eye on Huddy.

We stayed at the beach for about three hours before packing it up and heading to Pismo to go to Splash Cafe for lunch.

No smile, Huddy?  Waiting in line for the best chowder on the planet.

Still no smile?

As good as it is going to get.

Sometimes I get lucky and can get this one to smile.

He wasn't really grumpy.  He was messing with me here.

This one will smile for me!

Got our bar seats and are waiting for lunch to be ready.

Simply the best.

Hudson usually gets something ridiculous like chicken fingers.  However, this time he went out on a limb and tried the clam chowder...and loved it!

We walked the pier, relaxed at the hotel and enjoyed a super dinner at McClintock's.

The next morning we drove to Morro Bay and found a shop to buy cinnamon rolls. Fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls.  Oh so rich and good!

I forgot to mention that they were slathered in cream cheese frosting!

My cinnamon roll.

So stinking happy to be wearing a sweatshirt! In July!  One of the best parts about going to the coast in the summer.

I wonder if this one knows he owns my heart?

As do these two!  I know it's weird that we were at separate tables, but the little patio where we enjoyed our cinnamon rolls was a bit strange.

This one has the talent of giving me the best looks.

Two pretend grumpy faces.

I love it when he gives me one of his genuine smiles.

After cinnamon rolls, we headed to this itty bitty little aquarium where we pay 50 cents to throw fish heads at the sea otters.  It's entertaining!

It has taken me by surprise how much Hudson has grown this summer.

These sea otters were so funny. We spent probably ten minutes watching these guys yell for food.

I was really worried that this fish was stuck in that cinder block.  It wasn't!

I don't usually take pictures of things without people in them, but these two fish were so funny.  They looked so depressed in their old and decrepit looking aquarium.  We always do "voices" for animals, so I immediately started in with these two saying, "We are so sad.  We are depressed."

Evan really wanted to ride a surrey bicycle around the ocean...but it didn't work out.  Long story.  Not that interesting.  Evan was irritated with us.

We decided to drive up Highway 1. It was a gorgeous drive.  Until I had to pee so badly I thought I was going to cry.  I did cry at one point.  There aren't a whole lot of places to stop along Highway 1.

We stopped at one point to watch these giant bull pups sunbathing on the shore.

Carbon copies.

My tall, dark and handsome boys.

Once we lost wifi along Highway 1, this happened....

After dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in Monterey, we headed home.

A stop at Casa de Fruta gave me these treats for the rest of the trip home. 

It was a much needed and much appreciated trip out of town.  I'm grateful to my husband for insisting that we take a little family time away before the crazy hectic schedule of school and sports sets in.

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