Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Update

We have made it through June and the first few days of July.  Here's what we've been up to.

The boys wanted to go to 2Extreme to jump on the trampolines.  I took them.  Evan didn't wear his brace.  He hurt his ankle.  We now wear the brace all the time.

I have been working on growing out my nails and keeping them looking nice.  It was quite the process to take off the gel nails.  I'll never put gel straight on my nails ever again.  That was a two hour endeavor to get both hands clean.

Another trip to Wild Water...this time with friends.  I hung out under a thatch shade overlooking the baby area.

Nails are a work in progress.

We've been getting a box of produce that I pick up each week.  Pretty good stuff.  Now I actually need to eat it.

It's time to get back on track.

Hudson wasn't overly thrilled with my lipstick kisses!

We went to our nephew's wedding in Chico in the middle of June.  Evan was playing with my phone at the reception.  Handsome.

Once we got back from the reception, it was time for six weeks of summer school to begin.  In my downtown (snicker...what downtime?!) I am working on creating interactive notebooks for my algebra class.

And I'm continuing to paint my nails.  I paint them once every two or three days!  I'm not sure how to keep the tips from wearing off so fast.

Buying polish is fun!

Eric and I are going to be doing a 65 mile bike ride at the coast in September, so we are training.  We rode about 30 miles this past Saturday.  I was pretty wiped out at the end.  We had to stop to get a Jamba Juice for a little sustenance.

I definitely added a protein boost to this smoothie.  I needed it to be able to make it the last ten miles home!

My bike is so pretty!

I'm not sure anyone would call this a proper recovery meal, but you can't deny that I had carbs (chips), protein (cheese), and veggies (salsa)!

We got the cars washed.

We also enjoyed the Fourth of July with our traditional movie and afternoon/evening with friends.  We saw Central Intelligence and Hudson and I were howling and laughing the whole time!

Til next month...probably...if my rate of posting is any indication!

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