Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mid July Update

Summer School started Session 2 the day after the Fourth of July.  For our first field trip that week, we went to the Fresno Art Museum.  To be honest, I didn't know there was a Fresno Art Museum!  I'm embarrassed to admit that, but it's true.  It was a very nice field trip.

We broke the kids into bigs and littles and walked around with a guide explaining some of the pieces and getting us to think artistically.  There is a really neat exhibit going on right now featuring dozens of portraits of a patron of the arts named Joan Quinn.  Over the years, she befriended many artists, and they began creating portraits, sculptures, and even light versions of her.  Pretty interesting.

After the tour, the kids got to make a craft.  Even though I literally had aged preschool through 8th grade, the kids all seemed to enjoy the trip and get something out of the experience.  I was glad to view it through teacher eyes to see if I wanted to go back with my class at some point.

 Hudson making his craft.

Me looking over his shoulder while he works.

The dogs got groomed.  Apparently, it wore Harry out!

On Saturday morning, Eric and I went to a place he saw in an ad that sells old hotel furniture.  I am still looking for pieces for my classroom remodel.  I found several items that I liked that will be coming to live in my room this coming year!

I got that blue chair, the oval table at the bottom of the picture, the ottoman under the brown table with matching chair, and a few other pieces you can't see in this photo.

This blue chair was really comfortable, and it is exactly the type of mismatched, eclectic, and funky look that I am striving for in the room.

Buddy's favorite resting spot...burrowed into Eric's pillows.  His life looks hard.

One and half more weeks of summer school to go.  Two weeks of dead time, and then back to school we go!

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