Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Life Lately

As always, I find myself wanting to catch up on the blog when I'm on vacation and have a bit more down time.  This year is no different.

What have we been up to?


Life just keeps spinning along, at times with no moments to stop and breathe.  I struggle when life gets that crazy.

I'm going to highlight a few things from the last few months.

 The boys were these weird things for Halloween.  Evan is a blue man and Hudson was a crash test dummy.

Harry isn't so sure about Hudson covered in yellow from head to toe.  Hudson ended up winning second place in the Halloween costume contest at school.  Both boys won when they were in third grade.  He got a pizza party prize.

Feeling a bit melancholy one night at soccer practice.

I captured a sweet moment one morning before school one day where Evan was helping Hudson put on his tie for Mass.

The 8th grade dressed as the cast from Peter Pan.  The kids were the Lost Boys.  I was Wendy Darling and Father Robert was Captain Hook.  We all looked great!

I started running again.  I trained through the summer and fall to do the Two Cities Half Marathon relay with another teacher from my school.  I ran 7.2 miles.  I'm now training to run two half marathons in February, one in April, and I am trying to work up the courage to sign up for a marathon next year.

I also did the Jingle Bell Run.  That was a lot of fun.  I enjoy doing the small races around town.  They are fun.

The 5th through 8th graders went on a field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits.  It was an interesting place.

We've had a few lazy days...but they have been few and far between.

We had a soccer weekend in Davis.  I had fun showing the kids where I went to college.  They are standing in front of my old dorm.

More running. Some days are easier than others.

An elf came to live in our house for the month of December.

Jingle Bell Run with friends down Christmas Tree Lane.

The Christmas decorations are done!

Evan's soccer team won first place in state cup in the pouring down rain!  It was miserable, but so worth it!  Third time's the charm!  We have been to the finals three times and always got second...until this year!

It's been a pretty crazy busy three months.  And I don't see it slowing down any once the new year starts.  That makes vacation all the more precious.

Blogging is pretty therapeutic, so I'd like to keep up with it on a more regular basis.

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