Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - A Little of This, A Little of That

It was a relatively slow soccer weekend (only two games), so it felt like we had a bit of time to catch up on a few things including some cleaning and shopping.

This was taken on Thursday morning, because we couldn't quite believe that it wasn't yet Friday.  Hudson was fully dressed under the blanket, but wanted just a few more minutes to rest his eyes!

 I tried some detox water.  I like the flavor of the cucumber and lemon, but I'm not overly fond of the mint.  It was fairly refreshing.

 Hudson helped out a younger soccer team on Friday night, and I was super excited to see that this book was delivered right before we left!  So far, I LOVE the book!  It is a system of tidying your house that fits in with my personality: all or nothing.  It does not advocate doing a little bit of cleaning at a time.  You deal with all of your stuff at once.  I've already started in with certain categories of cleaning.  Pictures and explanations below.

We attended the First Communion of Kempton, Luis, Alexis, Nathan, Isaac and Kevin on Saturday morning.  Evan jumped in as the only altar server for the service!  It was so neat to be a part of the day with so many friends receiving such a special sacrament!  Every boy in that picture can now receive communion!

Evan had official altar serving duties on Saturday night, so we went back to church and then headed home.

We were up early on Sunday morning for Hudson's second soccer game with his regular team.  They lost.

I read more of the organizing book and love so many of the concepts and ways that you approach items in your home.  It's not about tossing stuff for the sake of tossing.  However, it is about keeping only those items that TRULY bring you joy.  When looked at it from that approach, so many things are easier to let go least for me.

The author has a pretty tried and true systematic method for going through your house.  You don't approach it by room, but rather by category starting with clothes.  Today I went into my closet and drawer and pulled out every top I own.  I put them all on my bed and let them "speak" to me.  Sounds corny, but it really worked.

Piles of tops and a few other items of which I knew were going to leave my closet.

There were several tops I like, but not enough that I truly enjoy wearing them.  Some of them had served their purpose in my life, and it was time to thank them and let them go.  The author also advocates folding as many items as possible and storing things vertically.  I gave it a go!

My newly vertically folded shirts!  So pretty and easy to see!

I ended up taking three bags of clothes, one giant box of stuff, and another box of stuff to the donation center!  Oh it feels so freeing to let go of items that I don't need, want, or get joy from.

 The only things left hanging are those which are materials that won't allow them to be folded nicely.  I pretty much only went through my short sleeve items.  I still have a whole closet to go, but it felt good and worthy of time.  I feel like I won't lose momentum for this type of project.

By letting go of stuff, it leaves you with the things that you truly love.  When you are only surrounded by loved items, you take better care of them.  What a fantastic concept!

Can you tell this idea excites me?  I'm sure I'll have future updates.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing what I call "puttering."  We had a few errands to run and grocery shopping to do.  We needed to fill the car with gas and buy fish.  It was a really pleasant weekend.

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