Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy

Bad Mom: I didn't blog about Evan losing his first tooth when it happened. Now I can't even remember exactly when he lost it, and he has since lost a second tooth!

I know the first tooth came out when we were still in school. So the time frame is late May or early June.

Evan was one of the last kids in his class to lose his first tooth. Needless to say, he was extremely excited to have Dad pull that tooth out. As always, I was proud of how brave he was in letting his dad use a paper towel to pull the tooth. It was plenty loose, but still, I've seen kids refuse to let anyone touch a tooth even if when it is literally hanging by a thread.

Tooth is out! Stopping the blood with a paper towel.

Baby teeth are so little!

He is so proud of that hole in his mouth!

Evan was super excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit, but he also wanted to take his tooth to school to show his teacher. I suggested he write a note to the Tooth Fairy asking if it was possible for him to keep his tooth...just this once.

The Tooth Fairy must be very kind, because she not only gave Evan $5 and Trident bubblegum, but she let him keep his tooth. She wrote: I will leave your tooth this one time! Love, The Tooth Fairy.

I also told Evan that only first teeth are worth $5. All others are only worth $1. That first tooth is special, so it is worth more!

Evan and his haul for the first tooth.

Like I said, Evan has also lost his second tooth. He's got an even bigger gap on his bottom row of teeth. He likes to keep his teeth locked together and shove little corn kernels through the space! In fact, that's how the second tooth was ready to come out...Evan was trying to eat corn on the cob. The effort left the tooth bleeding and hanging. Once again, Dad yanked it out. True to form, the TF left a dollar and gum. (Luckily the TF had both items on hand without having to make an extra trip to the store!)

Now we are hoping that Evan will stop sucking his thumb so his teeth grow in straight.

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