Sunday, July 31, 2011

CVS Run 7/31

I just got back from my weekly CVS run. Even though I ended up with a lesser subtotal than last week, I didn't bring home as many ECB's as last week. I have tons of coupons, but not many that matched up with the ECB deals.

Here are the details:
-Shelf price $62.60
-Sale price $53.70
-CVS coupons/ECB's $43.99
-Manfacturer Coupons $9.74

Subtotal $-.03
Total with tax $2.71
ECB's printed $15.99

Today's shopping trip wasn't as smooth as last week. For one thing, I accidentally picked up the wrong razor for the ECB deal. When I realized it, I immediately needed to do an exchange. The razor I first picked out was 54 cents more, so I got that back in cash along with my ECB printout.

I also had to justify several of my coupons. I bought just over $15 worth of Maybelline makeup. I used a $5 off $15 CVS coupon that I printed out at the red box last week. The coupon also said Garnier, so that was what the cashier pointed out. I told her it said Maybelline OR Garnier. I pick Maybelline.

I handed her three coupons for my three boxes of Band Aids. She thought I only bought two boxes. The last thing that had me rattled was the cashier wanting to take my whole stack of coupons at once. I'm weird and I like to hand them over one by one so I can check them as they beep through. I was going to argue, but I didn't. Once she had my whole stack, she separated them all out to HER liking before scanning them. Grrrr.

Then after making the razor mistake, I was a bit frazzled.

Anyhow, I can't complain too much because I still got over $60 worth of products for no money out of pocket besides tax. Can't beat that.

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