Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday was Evan and Hudson's first ever trip to Disneyland! It was magical. It was perfect. It was raining!

I have a lot of photos and a lot of stories. I'm not sure if I have the energy to post it all tonight. The Disneyland post might have to come in installments.

Let's get started.

A little background on how the trip came to be on this precise weekend. Each year teachers at my school have an opportunity to go to a conference called the L.A. Religious Congress. We spend 2-3 days attending workshops and classes on teaching and/or faith. I think this was my third time to Congress.

The Congress just happens to be held at the Convention Center in Anaheim...which is directly across the street from Disneyland.

Knowing that I was planning to go to Congress this year, we decided to plan a day at Disney for the kids on Sunday. We didn't tell the kids about it, and it was HARD to keep it a secret! Evan knew I was riding down with another teacher on Thursday and that he, brother and dad would come get me on Saturday. He just thought it would be fun to stay in a hotel for a night!

The family arrived right as I finished my last class. Perfect timing! We decided to go to Tony Roma's for dinner. It was a treat for us because that restaurant shut down here in Fresno. The restaurant was right across the street from Disneyland, but Evan still didn't notice!

Kids came into the restaurant wearing mouse ears. Still nothing! Eric and I were dying from trying not to laugh at how oblivious Evan was!

Once we got back into the car after dinner, Evan finally made the statement, "Wow, there sure are a lot of buses in this city!" We absolutely lost it! We were laughing so hard at how unaware Evan can be. FINALLY he looked to the left and saw the Disneyland sign.

"Is that really Disneyland?" he asked in a normal voice.

"Yes," I said.

"Wow. I can't believe I'm at Disneyland."

(Now he was making these statements in a regular voice as if this were an everyday conversation. There was no excitement...yet.)

I told him that Disneyland just happened to be in the same city where my conference was held. He seemed to accept that. We finally got around to telling him that he would actually get to go in the park the next day. Then he was excited! It took a moment to get over the slight disappointment that we wouldn't be going into the park that very moment, but we appeased him with sitting in the spa at the hotel.

We also walked to Downtown Disney to burn off a bit of energy.

Oh the treasures! I splurged on a giant almond and chocolate covered strawberry.

The kids talked us into giant suckers! I think this thing is bigger than Hudson's head!


We spent quite a bit of time in the Lego Store. Both boys had fun in there.

After walking back to the hotel and soaking in the hot tub, we tried to get a good night's sleep to be ready for the morning. Hudson, however, was not in much of a mood to sleep. Once we finally got him settled, we all slept.

Morning came, we packed up, and headed for the park. We got on the tram (which the boys thought was an awesome ride!) and got all the way to the entrance only to realize that Eric had forgotten all of our money (Disney Bucks) in the car! I hung out with the boys while Eric stayed on the tram to go get our money!

Waving bye to Dad as he heads back to the car!

While waiting for Dad, Evan enjoyed the fountain.

Hudson wasn't in the mood for photos, so I took a shot of the top of his head. The three boys wore their OLPH Cougar sweatshirts while I sported Fresno State. Have to represent!

Eric got back and in we went!

That is all the energy I have in me for tonight. But I just have to say that we rode on sooooooo many rides. I want to list them so I don't forget! Hudson was able to ride everything except Indiana Jones.

Disneyland Ride List
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Train
3. Haunted Mansion
4. Indiana Jones
5. Jungle Book Treehouse
6. Jungle Cruise
7. Steamboat
8. Dumbo
9. Storybook Boats
10. Casey Jr. Train
11. Teacups
12. It's a Small World
13. Autopia
14. Monorail
15. Finding Nemo Submarine
16. Materhorn
17. Space Mountain
18. Thunder Railroad
19. Roger Rabbit
20. Some coaster in Toon Town

Due to the rain, the lines were pretty short all day! Even though it was wet and cold, we had an amazing time! More to come tomorrow.

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  1. Haha! How fun! That is really cool they got to go at such perfect ages to go on everything. Evan being so sweet and unassuming is awesome too. Love it!