Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Disneyland: Part 2

Okay, where were we? Oh yes. Eric had gone back to the car to get our Disney Bucks while the kids and I waited by a cool fountain.

I'm not sure who was more impatient, me or the kids! I was so excited to get in the park! I just wanted to see the excitement on their faces as we walked inside.

Eric got back, we went inside and headed for the train. We took it one stop to New Orleans Square so we could hop off and get to Pirates of the Caribbean, which is one of my all time favorite rides.

The boys and me on the train. It was so much fun being with the kids!

Since we got to the park right as it opened, we were able to beat a lot of crowds for the first two hours. Also, it rained off and on all day. Not too bad, but just enough to keep the crowds light. It was great for us, even if we did get slightly wet.

We got to Pirates and literally walked onto a boat without waiting at all. In fact, we were the only ones on our particular boat! Hudson's little face was priceless all day long. He just took it all in with huge saucer eyes.

After Pirates, we headed over to Indiana Jones. This was the only ride Hudson couldn't go on because he was too short. While Eric and Evan rode on that ride, Hudson and I checked out the Jungle Book Treehouse. I didn't like it. It was nothing but stairs!!! Hudson practically raced up the stairs and then back down. I miss the tree being the Swiss Family Robinson Tree. Shows how old I am!

Little Joe Cool at the bottom of the treehouse.

Same shot, just closer.

Hudson and me waiting for E and E to get off their ride.

After we joined back up, we got on the Jungle Boat Cruise. Just as we settled down on our boat, something happened, because they made us all get off and told us that the ride was shutting down. Weird. We ended up going on that ride later in the day, so it worked out.

The boys waiting outside the Tiki Room while Dad was in the bathroom. No, we didn't actually go in the Tiki Room. I love it, but Eric is not such a fan.

Arriving at the castle.

I want to live in this castle! Actually, we saw a show where there are special tours where you can actually go into the castle. How cool would that be?

Tea Cups! All four of us fit in that little cup. Four months ago, it would have been an uncomfortable fit. However, with Eric and me both shrinking, sitting in the cup was manageable.

On a side note, it felt so good to walk around the park without any discomfort. We both had energy, we felt healthier, and there was little pain. Eric has a knee issue that flared up a bit, but it didn't slow him down like it might have in the past. Score for a healthier Mom and Dad! (It's a good thing I'm stronger, because by the end of the day, Hudson was refusing to walk. I carried him everywhere! My arms were pretty sore yesterday.)

We rode on the Dumbo ride. We took turns switching off riding with the kids. Eric and Evan were in the Dumbo ahead of us. Hudson was a crazy flyer, floating us up and down during the ride. It was fun!

I swear he's not stoned! Just a weird camera shot.

Apparently I like Dumbo! And Disneyland itself makes me sooooooo happy!

Okay. That's enough for tonight. I will continue with this tomorrow.

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