Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disneyland: Part 3

Next up was a little bit of shopping. We stopped by the Mad Hatter to purchase hats. The kids weren't interested in Mouse Ears. Instead they both decided on these adorable head pieces.



Here is a little better view of the Chip and Dale hat.

Eric bought a hat with Grumpy on it that says, "This is my Grumpy Hat." At the end of the day I bought a super cute pink Minnie Mouse Hat.

Remember the Chip and Dale cartoon? My sister and I used to watch it ALL THE TIME! Now I can't remember whether it was Chip or Dale who had the red nose. I don't think my kids even know Chip and Dale. They just liked the hats! I need to find the cartoon on DVD for them.

Here is an accidental artsy shot. This is Hudson's silhouette while riding It's a Small World. Ahhh...another one of my favorite rides. It just never gets old.

Goofy was one of only two characters that we saw all day! We saw Peter Pan from a distance. I guess the rain keeps all the characters inside. That was a bit disappointing. We never even saw Mickey Mouse. I'm not sure if the kids understood that the whole park was Mickey Mouse land.

Evan having fun in Toon Town.

Hudson having fun in Toon Town.

I only have a few more photos left to show. I'll share those tomorrow. I also need to share our harrowing experience in getting home. That was a nightmare.

I've had Disneyland on the brain for three days now. I just want to be back there wrapped in the Disney Bubble of Magic.

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  1. It looks and sounds like a great time! I can totally relate, since we just visited DisneyWorld. *sigh* Let's both go back, shall we?