Monday, August 9, 2010

Train Ride

I have been a terrible blogger this summer. I usually pick it up in the summer and fall behind during the school year. Sigh. Don't know what has gotten into me.

We went on a train ride to Hanford to have lunch with Eric last week. I picked Wednesday to go, because I figured it would be one of the least crowded days. Yeah, and every other mom/kid combo figured the same thing. I've never seen so many train day-trippers!

I was a bit nervous about this year's field trip for a few reasons. Last year I barely got a parking spot and the train was super crowded. Luckily, there were plenty of parking spaces. We had plenty of time to purchase our tickets and wait. The train was crowded, but it was only 20 minutes late.

Hudson waiting at the Fresno train station.

Evan at the train station showing off his Pez I bought him the day before.

The other reason I was nervous was because I was taking both boys for the first time. It's only been Evan and me til now. Evan was Hudson's age when I took him on the train the first time, so now it's Hudson's turn to enjoy the fun.

Luckily, Evan is a very good boy in these types of situations, and Hudson was nervous, so he stayed very close to me.

The train rolled in, we were the first people on our car, and we snagged a two-seater right as we walked up the staircase! All I had to do was sit back, relax, and pry Hudson off my neck!

This is a fuzzy photo that Evan took for me, but it illustrates how Hudson spent the first 20 minutes of our train ride. I finally coaxed him off of me and got him to look out the window.

The rest of the ride was very enjoyable.

We got to Hanford, Eric picked us up, and we zipped over to Superior Dairy. We ate a great lunch complete with a GIANT sundae, and then Eric gave us a tour of the new City Council Chambers. I love going into places the average public doesn't have access to! The remodeled chamber is gorgeous, and I finally got to see the place I have been hearing about for several months.

After that it was pretty much time to go. Eric dropped us off back at the station, we met up with all the other mom/kids heading back to Fresno, and caught the train which was running 20 minutes late...again.

We had fairly good luck with seats on the ride back. We got two singles right across the aisle, and then two teenage boys gave up their four-some seats for us. Very nice!

We got off the train directly in front of our car. Hudson fell asleep during the last five minutes of our car ride home. Figures.

I love our annual train ride to Hanford. I just need to do a better job of taking pictures. Looking at my three sorry photos, you can't even tell these are taking place on or near a train. Sigh. I'll try to do better.

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