Monday, August 16, 2010

Did A Lot

Today I was feeling a bit mopey and weepy about the summer being over. I started back to work, and Evan starts school on Monday.

When people ask, I tell them we didn't do anything over the summer, but that is actually quite opposite from the truth. No, we didn't go on a long vacation away from Clovis, but we did plenty right here.

While I am sad that our carefree time has come to an end, I am pleased with what we did and am looking forward to routine and structure.

Here is our summer in pictures. (in no particular order)

This summer we...

...went to the movies. over our fear of the deep end.

...did a little reading while perfecting potty training.

...did some running and wore cute skirts while doing so.

...ate ice cream.

...took an overnight trip to the ocean.

...visited Grandma and cousins.

...played family games.

...rode on the train.

...went on spur of the moment dates.

...destroyed our favorite blanket in the whole world.

...enjoyed a T-ball team pizza party.

...spent mornings watching cartoons in Mom and Dad's bed.

...kicked back by the pool with a cold one!

...went bowling.

...went to the zoo.

...played in a fountain in Hanford.

...bought some cute jewelry.

...donated blood.

...played with new toys.

...worked a little.

...visited Dad and rode a carousel horse.

...jumped at Pump it Up.


...went to Gilroy Gardens.

...saw the Vietnam Memorial replica wall.

...and spent some time on our computers.

I think we had a great summer!

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  1. You did do a lot! Love all the pics. Especially the potty one and the last one with everybody on the computer, too cute!

    Sorry you're back to school already, but I know you'll have a wonderful year and before you know it, it'll be summer again and you'll start the fun all over again!