Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If you can't say something nice, show the monkey

Wow! That title has some funny double meanings!

It's the monkey and my mom! I just realized, the monkey is upside down. The way she's holding him, it just looks like he's sitting on his rear end. He's supposed to be standing on his feet and leaning over. I'm sure you can figure out the sentiment behind this adorable little guy! My sister gets them from her dental office! I guess that's what they are passing out to kids these days when they have no cavities! Apparently the monkey has several poses, but this one is the funniest.

After having lunch with my mom that day, we drove through Merced towards home. I was explaining Evan's new game of "Bug, I Win" to her. Evan made up the rules, so there's no rhyme or reason to it. The general gist of the game is to spot a Volkswagon Bettle and yell, "Bug, I win!" However, PT Cruisers also count in this game and roundish cars of any variety...apparently. It's a great game!

Mom and I started playing, and then she told me about her friend Kay who used to look for deer when she was little. Same game, different goal! I asked Mom if Kay had to look for deer when she was coming over in the covered wagon! We laughed and laughed. Then I named Kay's game "Deer, I Win" and "Slug-Deer" (instead of Slug-Bug!). By the way, Kay is my mom's age. I think they just missed hanging out with Laura Ingalls!

We were stopped at a stoplight during all of this fun and hilarity when I looked to my left. I couldn't believe what I saw. We were sitting right in front of what was probably an Elks lodge and there was a deer head mounted to the outside of the building! (It was probably an elk, but who cares.) I shouted "Deer, I win!" I thought my mom was going to fall out of the car from laughing so hard!

Now I realize that this story isn't nearly as funny here as it was when it was happening in my car. I just wanted to recount it for my own silly memories.

Thanks, Mom! I had a great afternoon with you last week!


  1. Great story Heather!

    I read your blog on Google reader, which shows all the blogs I read that have new entries. Guess what was following yours?

    Go see - www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com

  2. I can totally appreciate your humor! I love that you and your mom have such a great relationship.

  3. Have enjoyed reading your blog which I stumbled upon by accident.....and the very mention of Merced - gosh that was the town I had to visit the Dr in when on holiday nearby....dreadful sinus problem which that lovely Dr helped me with...and didn't charge the earth either...think she felt sorry for me but Merced helped me and I'll never forget the Dr's kindness.
    Joyce in Northern Ireland.