Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Caught on my Cell Phone

Christmas this year was slightly different.  It started out normal, but ended with me puking.  Yuck.

 As we do every Christmas Eve, we drove to my mom's house in Chowchilla to spend the day with mom, my sister, and her family.  We snack on crackers, cheese, meats, weenies, and meatballs all day.  We went to church at 5 for the annual Christmas Eve service.

 My boys opened their new Christmas pajamas before we left home, so they had nice soft new ones to get into once we got home from church.  Logan and Hunter were visiting with their dad for a bit, so we had some time to kill before opening presents.

 I was happy that their pajamas looked "Christmasy" this year.  They always get new pj's, but I usually don't think about it until all the festive looking ones are gone or too expensive.  This year, thanks to Amazon Prime, we did 99% of our shopping online.

 We were looking back at old pictures yesterday, and it is hard to believe that this is Evan's 11th Christmas!  Every parent says this, but how on earth did my kiddos get so big?!

 The big boys are back!  Time to open presents!

 My mom's house looks so festive and pretty.  Aiden was pretty funny opening his gifts.  Oh to be three!

 I bought Tiff weenie dog pj's for her birthday, and went ahead and bought myself a pair also!  These things are sooooo soft and comfortable.  I figured it would be fun to match on Christmas Eve!  I've really grown to appreciate soft and comfortable pajamas over the past few years.

This is the only shot I have of Christmas Day.  I got sick in the middle of the night.  I woke up at 12:30 with the nastiest feeling in my stomach.  I fought it all night long, but knew things were bad. At 5:30 in the morning, I got up and violently threw up.

Eric called his family and said we wouldn't be coming down to Bakersfield for Christmas Day.  I felt so bad, but I was in no condition to go anywhere.  I managed to open gifts, watch the kids for a few minutes, and then I went back to bed for the entire day.  I had a nasty stomach and a 101 fever.  It finally broke late in the afternoon, but I felt awful all day.

I got a lot of great gifts this year, but one of my favorites is the RED Keurig!  It is so pretty!  It's like a piece of art on my counter.  I didn't even know it was red until the day after Christmas.  Too sick on Christmas Day.  Eric got it set up and he and the boys went through a box of hot chocolate k-cups!  I think they like the Keurig as well!

I also got a purse, two necklaces, more pajamas, a Pumas sweatshirt, bubble bath, a wax warmer, and so much more.  It was a blessed Christmas.

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