Friday, June 17, 2011

Spot the Tot

Click HERE to see Evan and Hudson on the news this morning.

We were up and off to the Channel 26 KMPH Great Day studio by 8 this morning to join two other kids from OLPH to do a segment on child safety. I was so proud of Evan and Hudson. They stood right on their spot behind the car showing just how difficult it can be for drivers to spot kids in their rear view mirrors.

I didn't know if there would be enough kids, so I put Hudson in a uniform in case he was needed! He'll be in preschool in a matter of a month or so, and he looked so stinkin' cute in the shirt and shorts!

After doing such a great job being on tv, we celebrated with a smoothie, a session at Pump it Up, and lunch. Busy and fun day so far. Grocery shopping, allergy shots, and McDonald's cones yet to come! I love summer days like this.

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