Thursday, September 15, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Hudson!

Every parents has this lament, and I am no different, but how in the world is it possible that our baby is 9-years-old?  The days are long, but the years are short.

Hudson is the kid that completed our family.  He's the one who made Evan a brother.  He's the one who keeps us laughing with his wit and charm.  Oh boy do we love this kid!

This was taken a few days before his birthday.  It was a weekend morning, and Hudson woke up really early, which is surprising because he can sleep in like a champ!  He wandered into my room and ended up snuggling with me and falling back to sleep.

So sweet and innocent when he sleeps.

I just wanted to hang onto the moment because it will be all too soon before he stops snuggling like this.

I can remember the baby days of him asleep on my chest.  Oh those days!

Fast forward a few days and Hudson turned 9 on Sept. 13.  He is growing into quite a fantastic little guy!

Birthday donuts are a tradition for us.  He's drinking an apple cider.  No beer at 7:30 in the morning!

Loving on my baby.

He's the kid who will still take pictures with me...even if they are goofy faces!

This picture is for Grandma.  We don't need a stinking napkin!

Evan enjoys birthday mornings.

Miracle of miracles.  The oldest child took a picture with me.

We baked two batches of cupcakes to take to school.  It is also a tradition that students get to wear free dress on their birthday.

Hudson had to wait until after dinner to open his presents.  He was super excited to get this shirt that he saw at Tilly's a few days ago.  Eric and I secretly went back to the store to get him the shirt and a hat!

He always wears his hats backwards.  I don't know why.

Hudson Hartman Forcey, we love you so very much!  You make us laugh, you smother us with your love, and you are such a kind-hearted and happy little boy.  Lately, you have a new injury every day, so your dramatic side is definitely coming out!  You are showing your athletic skill in the football field this year.  It's going to be so much fun watching you grow during your 4th grade year.  Happy birthday Little Chicken!

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