Thursday, May 26, 2011

Congratulations Mom!

The boys and I went to Chowchilla to enjoy my mom's retirement luncheon today. She has worked as a teacher's aide in first or second grade for 26 years! Wow! Next Thursday will be her last day of work. Crazy to think she won't be heading off to help kids each day next year.

Tons of pictures are ahead.

My mom and sister. The staff room at Mom's school was decorated in a red, white, and blue theme. It was very cute!

Cute shot of mom and sis.

I caught my future brother in law, Thomas, in a funny moment!

Evan and his grandma.

Susie said some nice things about my mom. I've known Susie since I was five-years-old. She is the mom of my best friend. Notice the cool poster behind her. The District Office has a huge printer that can print out these huge posters! They were all around the room with pictures of our family!

A gift from the staff.

A Margaret Hudson bear! Margaret Hudson is a local Fresno artist who is known for her sculptures. She did two large bear sculptures that sit in front my mom's school.

There was tons of food from spaghetti to garlic bread to meatballs to Mexican food. I had a hard time from overloading my plate! Yummy stuff.

This poster included family shots with my dad. I was sad that he wasn't here today.

Adorable mouse pad that one of Mom's friends created for her.

Someone else gave her a monkey!

This was such a cool gift! At first it looked like an ordinary kleenex box with a tissue poking out. Then when my mom pulled out a tissue, a WHOLE BUNCH of dollar bills followed! The dollars were all taped together and stretched around three quarters of the room! Evan and Hudson thought it was pretty cool to help Grandma stretch her dollars!

What's a party without cake?

After lunch I let the boys play on the school playground. Evan was impressed with all the different play structures. This school is MUCH bigger than his school. My mom's school only has first and second graders in attendance and many classes of each, while Evan's (and my) school is a K-8 with just under 200 kids and only one class per grade.

We also got to enjoy a Patriotic Show put on by three first grade classes. The rest of the afternoon was spent at my mom's house catching up and talking. It was a really nice way to spend the day.

Congratulations, Mom!

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